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Q:  Is Prospect Place Mansion haunted?

A:  We welcome our guests to make their own determination.

Q:  How much of the mansion do visitors have access to, during tours and ghost hunts?

A:  Currently, visitors have access to approximately 85% of the mansion.  This however may fluctuate based on safety concerns during certain restoration projects.

Q:  Do investigators have access to the barn?

A:  For safety reasons, access to the barn is limited to the first/ground-floor level.

Q:  How old do I have to be to reserve the mansion for a private ghost hunt?

A:  You must be 18 years of age or older to reserve  the mansion and/or participate in a private ghost hunt or participate in a Public Ghost Hunt.  Historic Flashlight Tour participants must be age 13 and over and accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Q:  Can I ghost hunt during daytime tour hours?

A:  We respectfully ask visitors NOT to investigate during daytime historic tour hours.

Q:  Can I take pictures and/or videos?

A:  Of course!  We welcome visitors and participants of paranormal events (public or private) to take pictures and videos to document your visit/experiences.  These items are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may NOT be published, distributed, or resold without the expressed written consent of the Board of Trustees.  Violations in the usage of the name, images(s), brand or trademark of Prospect Place Mansion may result in legal action.

Q:  Can my paranormal tour group sell tickets for an event at the mansion?

A:  No.  We do not allow the reselling of tickets/admissions for any reason.  Any group found in violation of this rule will have their scheduled date cancelled.  Donations are non-refundable.

Q:  How is my donation money spent?

A:  Historic Prospect Place mansion and estate is owned and operated by the G.W. Adams Education Center, an all-volunteer, Ohio registered 501-c-3 nonprofit organization.  All monies received, whether in the form of an admission, registration fee, souvenir purchase, etc., are considered donation and are nonrefundable.  Donations and revenue generated from all our activities are spent on everything from preservation/restoration projects, repairs, materials, maintenance, and outsourced contract labor, to daily operations and educational/community outreach.

Feel free to contact us at: with any additional questions.

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