Current Board of Trustees :  

To Be Announced, Secretary

Johnathon Robson,  Social Media, Development, and Research


Jeffrey Cole, Chairperson


Carrie Dean, Vice Chairperson

Jason Dean, Foreman 

Prospect Place welcomes new Trustee to the Board:  Amy Green

The G.W. Adams Educational Center (owners and administrators of Historic Prospect Place Estate), are pleased to announce the election of Amy Jo Green to the Board of Trustees. A native Ohioan and Coshocton resident, Amy has had a decades long fascination with the mansion, its inhabitants and local history. Board Director, Jeff Cole noted, “We were literally blown away at the wealth of detailed information Amy has collected through the years and brought to light regarding G.W.’s immediate and extended family, and general mansion history. That and her commitment to taking an active role in mansion affairs with our guests and behind-the-scenes operations.” Amy plans on continuing her mansion research while also working to improve the organization’s public education outreach and marketing.

2019 Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule:

To be announced.

All Board meetings are open to the public.

Volunteer Advisory Council:

Matthew Boggs

Veronica Burt

Ronnie Caroll
Keith Clark

Darrel Darding
Kylie Darding
Katie Ford
Randy Giffin
Debbie Johnson
Brandi Lampack

Dustin Morgan

Debbie Osborn

Audrey Robertson

Joy Salzwedel
Kim Salzwedel
Amanda Smith

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