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Q:  Do you ever have to close the mansion during tour season? (bad weather, construction, etc).

A:  Yes. We make every attempt to disclose these dates in advance. However there are times that this might not be possible.
Be advised: there may be rare occasions when tours are not available due to special events, emergencies, or potentially hazardous construction/restoration projects.  The mansion may also close for extreme temperature (heat) and weather events. For current information, stay connected with us on Facebook at “Historic Prospect Place Estate.

Q:  How much of the mansion do visitors have access to during history tours?


A:  Tourist have access to about 85% of the mansion currently. Keep in mind this can fluctuate with the current restoration needs of the property. 

Q: Are the weekend history tours guided?  

A: Unfortunately not at this time. However we hope to bring guided tours back in the future. 

Q: Are there a lot of stairs on the tour? 

A: Yes. There are several sets of stairs that you will need to climb throughout the tour. 

Q: Can I ghost hunt during the history tours? 

A: No. Ghost hunting isn't permitted during our weekend history tours. Violation of this rule may result in removal from the property. 

Q: Can you take pictures or video?  

A:  We welcome visitors to take pictures and/or videos to document your visit.  These items however are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may NOT be published, distributed or resold without the expressed written consent of the Board of Trustees.  This includes: video programming, DVD’s, shirts, posters, etc.  Violations in the usage of the name, image(s), brand or trademark may result in legal action.

Q: Do tourist have access to the barn?  

A: Yes. For safety reasons, access to the barn is limited to the ground-floor only.

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