Help us help the cats of Trinway.

Trinway has a huge feral cat population.  In recent years we have taken advantage of this situation and in the process of feeding strays have come up with some good mousers at the estate.  Before the cats showed up we had a huge problem with rodents.  Many of the doors and baseboards in the mansion have been damaged severely over the years by rodent activity (which will eventually cost thousands of dollars to repair).  When we first took possession of the estate we tried poisons, traps and all the various rodent control devices known to man.  The only EFFECTIVE solution is nature's own solution, the rodent predator the domestic cat.  So we have fostered an environment friendly to these animals and since the feral colony has increased in the last few years we have seen exactly zero mice or rats inside the house and only those in the process of being eaten outside!  The problem now arises, however, that we cannot afford to spay and neuter all of these cats and their population continues to grow.  We also cannot afford to feed them all as well as the neighbors cats which come here for the buffet as well.  We are asking the public's help to find a catch and release program to have the majority of these fine felines fixed to prevent their numbers from getting out of control.  Unlike the Disney Company we cannot support a colony in the HUNDREDS!!!!  Please help us find a way to help these very helpful animals!  Thank you.  The staff at the G. W. Adams Educational Center.

PS:  Whenever possible we try to indoctrinate new litters to humans and place some of these kittens for adoption.  If interested in a kitten please inquire below to see if any are available at this time.