Prospect Place Update


End of Season 2012

It is hard to believe that another season has gone already. And, what a season it was for us. Another record breaking year even in difficult financial times for everyone. We are so thankful to all those who have supported Prospect this past year. We have had ghost hunting groups return 4 and 5 times this season. You folks are great and it is appreciated. A special thanks to Randy Mullinnex and Randy Giffin for all of your work around and in the mansion. You two are steadfast in your support and friendship.

The landscaping this spring was a bust due to the drought. Almost everything died and there was no way we could irrigate it all. Even our private garden did very poorly and we only had small amounts of corn, squash, carrots, and potatoes. The onions did nothing at all. I had 2 pumpkins this year and that was it. Hopefully all the bulbs we planted will come up in the spring though. We shall see. The surviving show of indigenous wildflowers was nice and I will plant even more of them next year.

Archeology was a big topic this season and the digs are now closed. Several things were discovered of interest. First, locating some of the kilns used to make the brick for the house. The old telegraph line insulators were found that G. W. used to keep track of his companies and investments. There were also bits and bobs including some flints. Everything is being preserved and will be on display when done. The ground penetrating radar guy was here for about half an hour once and we never heard anything after that. So, we are going to have the entire property done on our own.

The walls in the library are almost done with all the patching, pictures coming. This was a large undertaking as they were in very bad shape. It had been at the top of our list for sometime. We have no completion date as it all depends on volunteers and our own Mr. Giffon.

We will be in concert with a neighboring county of artists soon. Prospect is providing space for local artists to display their wares in our art gallery on the first floor. They will be rotating their works so there will always be something new to see. Prospect is providing this venue free of charge for the benefit of these talented people.

Keeping the house from deterioration remains our primary concern. The stabilization and routine emergencies, water leaks and the like, take up most of our time. Until that million dollar donation, this will be our business plan, a little at a time.

The biggest news of the year was a few additions to the Prospect family. Our main outdoor and big side of the house kitty Kalie had a litter. Two went to good homes and we kept two, Tigger and Cali-Co. Tigger recently recovered from his “snipping” and Kalie is at the vet this weekend having things fixed. Cali-Co is next. Have your pets spayed and neutered my friends. It's the right thing to do.

In closing, we are so ready for winter break. Thank all of you very much for such a year and we look forward to seeing you in the next. George and Paul wish you the happiest of Holidays and a more then abundant new year.


Entering 2015.  This year is starting out differently from other recent years.  We are open for fundraising hunts all winter this year.  2014 was extremely disappointing for many reasons.  Income was down (we believe a sluggish economy for our patrons was responsible for the downturn).  We also received news that the Tax Commissioner once more denied our application for property tax exemption and we would once more need to appeal.  Details may be found elsewhere on the site but it is fair to say that this has been a huge damper on both our enthusiasm and budget.   George, for his part, has become very ill this last year.  He is certainly finished doing any physical labor on the house and has taken a more supervisory role in the restoration.  Mr. Adams intends to retire from the project in the next couple of years.  He is extremely disappointed with the state of Ohio as well and although he is willing to stand by the Adams Center during the appeal process he has made it clear that he will not be involved in any tax exempt organization which has to pay taxes.  It defeats the purpose of obtaining tax exempt status in the first place and makes the effort involved in obtaining the  501 (c)(3) pointless (George's opinion).   At this time we feel the entire future of both the Adams Center and the house itself turns on the decision of the state of Ohio.

We are gearing up for the busy season of field trips and educational tours this year.  The Ohio educational curriculum teaches the Underground Railroad history to fourth grade students in the spring.  We offer schools educational services all year long but the spring is the busiest time of year.  We are always looking for volunteers to help out.  If interested in becoming a volunteer at the Adams Center please contact us.  We need volunteers in the educational end as well as restoration efforts and fundraising.

We have a bumper crop of the cutest kittens you would ever want to adopt.  We rescued a litter last autumn and they are all ready to find their forever homes and families.  Trinway has a huge ferral cat population and we would love to see this litter find good homes.  They are all hand raised by people and are therefore extremely human friendly.

We will try to post more updates as we can.  We become so busy with the day to day around here it is often difficult to keep things update for everyone.  As always, thank you for your support.