The First Decade of the Restoration (2000-2010)

The restoration of Prospect Place began in the year 2000 with a decision to purchase the property.  On this page we would like to review the progress in our first decade of the restoration process.  This includes work done under both the private ownership of Felix Spector and the corporate ownership of the G. W. Adams Educational Center.  Below is a list of our accomplishments thus far:

There were many, many more smaller projects conducted over the decade as well but to list everything accomplished would be considerable.  Needless to say the house and grounds are in much better shape today than a decade ago and the restoration will continue as long as dedicated people remain involved and supporters continue to donate to the cause.  For all of our supporters over the past decade we would like to express a sincere THANK YOU!  We look forward to the coming decade with hope that by 2020 the mansion will be in an equally better state than it is today.